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Why Choose Cork Flooring for Your Home?

Installing Cork Flooring
When deciding on hardwood flooring for your home, consider cork flooring. Cork is made from the ground bark of the corco tree, placing it in the hardwood category.
Growing in popularity for a number of reasons, cork floors are ideal for nearly any room of the house and are attractive. Here are reasons to consider cork flooring for your home's renovation project; discuss your flooring needs with your installation specialist.
Cork is Comfortable
If you prefer the soft, lush appeal of carpeted floors, but want a harder surface that is easier to keep clean, cork is a flooring option to consider. Cork is naturally soft and absorbent, making the material ideal for rooms where prolonged standing or high traffic are involved, like kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms.
Cork is Hypoallergenic
One of the reasons to consider a hard floor material over carpeting is this: harder floor surfaces are less likely to harbor hair, dust, and pollen. Cork in particular is known for its hypoallergenic qualities. Since cork is naturally dense, it's harder for pollen and other allergens to penetrate the flooring surface.
If hypoallergenic needs are your primary purpose for choosing a hard-surface floor, ask your installation specialist to apply a clear finish to your floor for added protection and sealing. Your floors will be resealed periodically as instructed by your flooring expert.
Cork is Versatile
Cork is available in a variety of colors to meet your design needs. In its natural state, cork resembles wood grain in both color and texture. Cork can also be stained or dyed in a variety of custom patterns. The environmentally-friendly, renewable material can be applied to multiple rooms with a different style in each, or placed in a uniform fashion throughout the home.
Another way cork is versatile is this: cork is able to be used in nearly any room of the home. Since the material is naturally shock-absorbent, homeowners often use the flooring choice for children's play rooms or bedrooms.
Cork is Affordable
Cork floors are affordable, costing as low as $2 per square foot. Average cork flooring prices are around $4 per square foot. Other floor materials are more expensive, although some types of hardwood are similar to cork prices. Laminate, for example, costs up to $6 per square foot. Vinyl sheets can cost up to $8 per square foot.
Installation costs for cork floors are relatively cheap as well because the material requires fewer tools and installation time than other flooring materials. Receive an installation and materials quote for cork — and competitive options — from your flooring specialist.
Cork is Durable
The soft surface of cork is deceiving; the material is quite durable and withstands heavy foot traffic well. The honey-comb structure of cork makes the giving material flexible, allowing it to hold up to heavy pressure.
Furthermore, cork is naturally water-resistant so the material won't rot or warp with moisture exposure. For this reason, cork is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cork is Easy to Clean
Cork is easy to clean, requiring a simple vacuuming or sweeping daily. If mopping, fresh water with a few drops of traditional dish detergent does well to keep cork floors clean. Cork floors, like many hard flooring surfaces, should be kept free of dirt to keep scratches at bay and to protect the flooring's seal.
Cork floors bring many benefits to your home. This unique flooring choice upgrades any room in your house to a space of comfort and allure. Our specialists at Decca Hardwood Company will show you several flooring options to help you decide what flooring style is best for your home. Call us for a consultation today.