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Which Popular Wood Flooring Is Best for Your Home?

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When you choose hardwood flooring for your home, you have a lot of different options. Pine, Oak, Maple, and Walnut are just some of the common wood species that are used for hardwood flooring. But when deciding which type of wood to install, you have to consider a lot more than just looks.

Compare the looks, cost, durability, and maintenance of these types of hardwood floors to see which one suits your family and home needs best. Your hardwood flooring specialist will also be able to show you each species side-by-side to help you in your final wood species decision for your home.


Pine is a classic hardwood flooring option that provides a rustic, charming appeal. A lighter wood species with a soft honey glow, pine is popular among homeowners because of its installation costs - pine generally costs around $4-$6 per square foot to install.

Keep in mind that pine is not actually a hardwood, but rather a softwood, which means that pine is not as durable as you may need. If you have children or pets in the home, expect scratches, dents, and other wear on your pine flooring due to its soft countenance. Pine is relatively easy to care for, however, requiring a light dust mopping and regular sealing to keep the wood shining and free of water damage.


Oak is an extremely durable hardwood material, resistant to scratches, dents, and other damages. If you have a high traffic home and want wood flooring that will last, then oak is a wise choice.

Oak is relatively inexpensive with a wide range of price options, depending on which type of oak you want to install in your home. Oak costs anywhere from $3 to $14 per square foot. A richly golden hardwood with deep brown grains, oak is an elegant choice for your home.

If you decide to install this type of wood, you will need to refinish oak flooring periodically to maintain its sheen and to prevent the hardwood from fading and appearing cloudy in appearance.


Maple is a light-grain hardwood that creates delicate yet durable hardwood floors. Maple is a popular choice of hardwood in bowling alleys and other high traffic areas, and the hardwood is extremely durable. Relatively expensive, at a cost of $6 - $14 per square foot, maple is ideal for adorning large areas of floor space.

Since maple is a lighter hardwood with less grain appearance than other hardwood styles, bringing out the rich mineral lines and soft grains in black or dark brown tones is key to making this flooring option stunning in your home. Consider finishing your Maple floors in a rich sheen to give the hardwood greater depth.


If you want a hardwood that has a lusty dark hue with attractive grain lines, then Walnut is a wise choice. Ideal for homes with medium to high traffic, Walnut is also relatively inexpensive, at only $4 - $9 per square foot.

Walnut is a bold hardwood style that does well in any room of the home. Since walnut is naturally rich and dark, you can complement the elegant wood design with soft yellow lighting. Walnut maintenance includes finishing your hardwood when the flooring begins to dull or appear ashy, particularly in high traffic areas like hallways.

Every species of hard (and soft) wood flooring has its benefits. Whichever option you choose, your hardwood flooring specialist will show you how to clean and care for your floors so they last.

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