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3 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Man laying PVC-floor
Replacing the flooring in your home can completely transform the ambiance of your space. But even simple missteps can lead to a stressful renovation or disappointing results. Here are three flooring mistakes you need to avoid and why it pays to spend some time researching your upgrade before you start.

1. Choosing Floors Incongruent With Your Lifestyle

You might adore whitewashed floors or the look of smooth hardwood planks, but if you have kids or pets, choosing light colors or pristine surfaces might be a recipe for disaster. In addition to showing every spill or speck of dust, light flooring can also show off pet fur or children's toys. Likewise, hardwood floors sanded smoothly make scratches even more obvious.
Before you shop for flooring, inspect your existing carpet, hardwood, or tile carefully to screen for problems. Pay attention to why the flooring is damaged in the first place, and try to choose new flooring that isn't as susceptible to those issues. For instance, if you are replacing carpet because of matting, selecting a laminate rated for heavy residential traffic could help you to prevent future issues.
Also, keep in mind that some types of flooring are more resistant to damage than others or can be refinished easily. For instance, luxury vinyl tile is almost completely impervious to water damage, while both hardwood and engineered hardwood can be refinished later if problems occur.
Whatever type of flooring you prefer for your home, try to steer clear of cheap varieties. Talk with flooring professionals about brands that are known for their product warranties and longevity, and invest in great products you won't have to worry about.

2. Skipping Professional Installation

Although flooring installation might take a grand total of four minutes when people do it on TV, the actual process is much more difficult than most folks suspect. In addition to removing the existing flooring in a home and checking the subfloors for damage, flooring needs to be laid carefully to prevent water damage, wear marks, and trip hazards.
Even if you don't run into problems laying floors in a flat, secure way, you will be met with a long list of challenges, including making cuts for existing ductwork, meeting the edges of existing structural components, and creating an even surface throughout your home. Oftentimes, homeowners who attempt to install flooring on their own end up turning to professionals for help, which is why you should work with the experts from the beginning.
Professional flooring installers have the product knowledge, professional training, and equipment essential to install flooring the right way, preventing issues along the way. In addition to creating a streamlined, professional look throughout your home, experts can also complete the job faster and with less mess, saving you time and money in the long run.

3. Doing Projects in the Wrong Order

Another issue that typically plagues well-meaning homeowners is completing renovations in the wrong order. For instance, if you are thinking about renovating your living space, you might find yourself perusing hardwood samples long before you figure out what to do with that dated fireplace. Unfortunately, ripping out dated stacked stone or painting after floors are already in could damage your new surfaces.
When you are renovating your home, install floors after you have finished most other projects, including ductwork, carpentry, and painting. Think of your flooring as the finishing touch to your renovation, even through it might seem like the crowning jewel of the project. By installing floors last, you can keep surfaces from being scratched, chipped, or spritzed with paint droplets.   
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